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How Butler Title Helps Realtors Thrive

Forming meaningful relationships with clients is essential to building any successful business. Below are some tips to help your real estate business flourish.

Relationships are built on mutual trust. Get to know your clients on a personal level so they feel comfortable trusting you in advising them on one of their largest purchases. Being trusted is necessary but not sufficient, so, KNOW. YOUR. MARKET. Your clients will inevitably have many questions about the closing process. Expect this, and be available when it comes to answering any questions they have. As a source of knowledge in your market or product type, becoming a trusted resource whom your clients rely on is key. You need to be the person your circle of influence thinks of when seeking advice or an opinion on real estate.

Purchasing or selling a home can be an intimidating, and costly, endeavor.

THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN. Closing with Butler Title ensures a seamless closing experience, and because of the BUTLER REBATE, the most cost-effective as well. We save clients 10% on their title insurance policy premium at closing. For buyers, this reduces their cash to close, and for sellers, it increases their proceeds. When you provide your client with instant savings they didn’t even know existed, you are viewed as having your client’s best interests in mind. Butler was built on the premise of cultivating long-lasting relationships.

Repeat business is Butler’s goal for every realtor. We believe that creating a memorable, affordable and hassle-free experience for your clients is a surefire way to build and retain client relationships.


Butler Title is a full-service, attorney owned and operated title insurance agency.

P: 954.616.8735

F: 954.206.1097




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