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How To Achieve A Smooth Real Estate Closing

How To Achieve A Smooth Real Estate Closing

Most people, even some experienced property buyers and sellers, don’t know much about closing a real estate transaction, and that’s OK. That’s why companies like Butler Title exist. We manage all the closing details for you. As a property buyer, you can help yourself by learning how a closing works and help your title company achieve a seamless closing by following these tips:

Communicate early and often

When someone from the title company asks for documents or any other information about your closing, respond as quickly as possible. Sometimes agents need the requested information to keep the closing on track. Waiting a few days to respond could start a domino effect that ultimately delays your closing. Don’t worry – we notify and remind you of anything we need well in advance.

Review your documents in advance

Don’t wait until you’re sitting at the closing table to start reading your documents. If you’re getting a mortgage, check out the Closing Disclosure in advance. Federal law requires lenders to provide this document three days in advance of your closing. A misspelled name, loan amount, or even a typo in the property’s street address, needs to be fixed prior to signing.

Wire money only after confirming account info

Mortgage wire fraud is on the rise, tricking buyers into wiring money into the wrong account. This can be devastating and likely will result in your getting involved in a lawsuit, which can take months to resolve. Before initiating a wire transfer or any other type of electronic funds transfer, verbally confirm the bank account details with your title company.

Bring your own documents

Always bring a current Driver’s license or another government-issued photo ID to your closing appointment. If any other documents are relevant (such as trust documents or marriage certificates), bring them, too. (Although most any other document should already be received by the title company prior to closing day.)

Ask questions

If you’re not sure what’s going on with your property’s closing, it’s OK to ask. Ask your closing agent or your Realtor to clarify any details you’re not sure about. You have the right to know what’s going on, and your question may help your title company avoid closing delays.

Have fun and celebrate

Title companies take care of all the closing details so you can focus on the fun and exciting part of your closing day — becoming a new property owner. At Butler Title, we exclusively focus on issuing title insurance and facilitating the real estate closing process, so each closing is seamless and on schedule.

Whether you’re buying for the first time or adding to an already established real estate portfolio, you can be confident that your deal will be clear to close without unnecessary delays. Visit our website or call us to learn about our closing services and how we will help you save money on title insurance.


Butler Title is a full-service, attorney owned and operated title insurance agency. We keep it simple and focus on what we do best: real estate closings. From first-time buyers to local moguls, BT provides an industry-leading fee structure and unparalleled experience.

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