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Making Your Own Luck With Butler Title

Do you avoid opening umbrellas indoors or walking under ladders? A lot of Americans still hang onto such ancient superstitions to avoid bad luck. Many of us credit our accomplishments — like closing on a great property — to good luck.

Now, we’re not here to say luck has no role in life — especially not this week, as we approach St. Patrick’s Day.

Making Your Own Luck With Butler Title

But, even people who believe in luck will agree on this: Good luck is impossible to predict. As a real estate investor or a first-time home buyer, you can’t count on luck to secure a great property and navigate you seamlessly through the closing process.

Instead, you’ll need the guidance that comes from experience and knowledge, and from great professional relationships with people who know the real estate market inside and out. And guess what - you’re in LUCK - because that’s available every day at Butler Title.

At Butler Title, we don’t rely on luck, but on the knowledge and trust we’ve built up over the years and thousands of closings throughout the State. We know that buying or selling real estate can be intimidating and overwhelming. We know that by being there to answer questions, and by seeing the entire closing process through the eyes of buyers and sellers, we can become a trusted resource.

Working with Butler Title ensures a seamless closing experience and removes the need for our clients to rely on luck. Butler Title is a full-service, attorney-owned and operated title insurance agency.Regardless of your real estate deal's size or complexity, we will treat your deal as if it were our own.

Contact us today to schedule a closing for your next deal or to learn more about our industry-leading fee structure and services.


Butler Title is a full-service, attorney owned and operated title insurance agency. We keep it simple and focus on what we do best: real estate closings. From first-time buyers to local moguls, BT provides an industry-leading fee structure and unparalleled experience.

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