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What does a title company do?

What does a title company do?

If a real estate transaction were a wheel, the title company would be its hub — the place where everything converges. By “everything” we mean the buyer, the seller, the Realtors, the lenders, the law, the third-party professional services, and even the money.

Title companies do more than facilitate property transactions, and they aren’t simply the place where money gets deposited and withdrawn. To coordinate real estate closings, title companies have important work of their own to complete.

A title company’s work includes:

  • Ordering the title search to learn the ownership history of the property

  • Examining the results of the title search

  • Searching the tax history of the property to find tax liens

  • Ordering exact mortgage payoffs for existing liens

  • Requesting Homeowners Association bylaws and assessment details

  • Paying property taxes on behalf of the seller and/or buyer

  • Checking for code violations and open permits for past renovations

  • Paying off existing lenders, tax bills, or HOA dues if needed

  • Distributing money to all interested parties

  • Recording the new deed with local government agencies

  • Issuing a new title to the new owner

  • Providing title insurance policies

As you can see, title companies manage a lot of interrelated moving parts. That’s one reason real estate closings often happen at the title company’s office. This is also why choosing the right title company matters.

When a transaction’s moving pieces get misaligned, the entire closing can turn into a traffic jam. One delay leads to another delay which causes another. This is not only frustrating to buyers and sellers, it can also cost them money. An off-the-rails closing process could even spell the end of a deal.

At Butler Title, we focus exclusively on real estate closings. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an accomplished real estate investor, we strive to create the most efficient closing process in the market. We also monitor market trends, and since we’re attorney owned and operated, we also track changes in real estate law.

We invite you to contact us for your next real estate closing.


Butler Title is a full-service, attorney owned and operated title insurance agency. We keep it simple and focus on what we do best: real estate closings. From first-time buyers to local moguls, BT provides an industry-leading fee structure and unparalleled experience.

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