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What is the Butler Rebate?

If you’re in real estate, you should know, but odds are you don’t. The Butler Rebate stems from a Florida Supreme Court case from 2000. S. Clark Butler, a Florida builder and developer, filed a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Insurance alleging that certain anti-rebate statutes are unconstitutional. Mr. Butler’s main argument was that he should be permitted to freely negotiate the amount he was paying for title insurance. The Florida Department of Insurance argued that anti-rebate statutes were enacted to keep insurers solvent and to protect consumers by establishing uniform rates. The Florida Supreme Court ultimately agreed with Mr. Butler, and thus the “Butler Rebate” was born.

In essence, the Butler Rebate allows title insurance companies to rebate a portion of the title insurance premium back to the paying party. You may be asking yourself, why haven’t I heard of this? Because title companies make more when you pay more. At Butler Title, we provide the Butler Rebate to EVERY CLIENT on EVERY TRANSACTION. Call us for a free written quote to see how much you can save by closing your next deal with Butler Title.


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